Associate Trainers

Lighthouse takes great pride in its trusted pool of associate Carbon Literacy trainers. Each trainer brings unique expertise in climate action and sustainability, ensuring our training is tailored, impactful, and effective for our clients.

Image of Claire Thew, an Associate Trainer at Lighthouse Sustainability Ltd.

Claire Thew

Claire has long been concerned (borderline panicking) about environmental issues and after many years working in the waste industry and the public sector she decided to forge her own path to connect with people. Venture Zero was established to engage with businesses, local communities and schools on the climate crisis, to empower people to understand that small steps add up to make a big difference. Claire delivers workshops/training and works with organisations on their roadmap to Net Zero with the aim of leaving people feeling more positive about the future.

James Dove

James has been a grassroots musician and producer for the best part of 20 years and has a background in marketing and operations within the music industry. As an active environmentalist he was keen to explore ways in which music could be used to promote environmental action. He founded ClimateEQ in Jan 2021 after writing the industries first accredited Carbon Literacy training course. The course is designed to galvanise the industry to move towards a low carbon future and to empower its artists and employees to bridge the gap between climate awareness and climate action. He has since been invited to speak at several major events across the UK and Europe, including the United Nations SDG & Music summit. He has also delivered CL training for Local Authorities, elected members and arts and cultural organisations across the UK.

Image of James Dove, an Associate Trainer at Lighthouse Sustainability Ltd.

Image of Jen Gale, an Associate Trainer at Lighthouse Sustainability Ltd.

Jen Gale

Jen is the founder of Sustainable(ish) – an online platform and podcast all about the importance of ‘imperfect eco action’. She is an experienced speaker, trainer and coach, and the author of The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide and The Sustainable(ish) Guide to Green Parenting.