Insights from our Founder: Lighthouse Turns 3!

Lighthouse Sustainability Turns 3! All the team with party hats on.

Part of a series of blogs from Emma Burlow, Founder of Lighthouse Sustainability.

Lighthouse turns 3. What have I learned?

I set out 3 years ago to build a business I could be proud of, a business that would stand the test of time and most importantly, a business that would help other people. I chose a Lighthouse because I feel strongly that we need solid, guiding lights to lead us towards greater sustainability at home and in business. Never more than now when contrary voices seem to swamp us every day. Here are 3 things I’ve learned:

You are only as good as your crew. When you find the people who make the wheels turn and your heart sing, you are winning. A Lighthouse can’t operate with a crew of one (famously, after the tragedy on the Smalls Lighthouse in 1801 – Lighthouse keepers are not allowed in teams of less than 3, should something amiss happen to one of them). It builds no confidence when being guided by an inexperienced and half-committed crew. This is why we focus hard on developing not only comprehensive, informative courses, but also diverse and capable trainers through our Train the Trainer work.

Remain humble enough to grow and learn every day. Stick to what you are good at. Hearing that we’ve made a difference, that our training and advice has moved the dial, this is the drug that keeps me turning up. At Lighthouse, we focus on continually improving what we do, and working with others who are leaders in their fields to put the best possible voices in the room so we all move forward.  Tell us how you think we can improve!  

Keep the door wide open. Being ultra-competitive behind the scenes and talking about collaboration in public presentations isn’t my gig. This wicked challenge we face will need levels of collaboration that are beyond our wildest (commercial!) dreams. I’ve found the best results from flinging the doors wide open, sharing with others, and working for good. As a poster once said, ‘Love pays well’.  

We are currently looking at goals for next year. These will include re-certifying as a BCorp; building our Carbon Literacy training; launching new courses to demystify Circular Economy and Biodiversity for Business, and developing our global links (Hong Kong, Middle East and India).

Thanks to Jo Jones, Charlotte Doger de Speville, Farah Lodhi and Georgie Hopkins for being the best team I could wish for.

Happy Birthday to us!

– Emma Burlow
Founder, Lighthouse Sustainability

Lighthouse Sustainability Turns 3! All the team with party hats on.