Open Course Carbon Literacy Training For Business November 2022

With COP27 a matter of days away, we’ve been reflecting on how you and your business can get to grips with the climate change challenge. What are we hearing?

It is becoming more and more evident that businesses want to act. There are gaps in knowledge, but engagement is high. They know we can’t wait for government to act.

Lighthouse Sustainability’s Carbon Literacy courses evolved from years of experience and the realisation that the most impactful way to create change is to equip and moblisie the armies of employees within business.

We all want our economy and businesses to thrive, employees want to thrive, and wholeheartedly, they want their businesses to do more.

The impact of our Carbon Literacy training has been surprising. The enthusiasm, the penny drop moments, the innovation, but above all, the ripple effect….

The role leaders at the top (we train everyone from Board members to interns) and the groundswell from whole teams getting trained. Having a common language and the confidence to push ahead with actions knowing you have the support from colleagues and the business. The door is opened and initiatives that have sat on the shelf for years get new energy. Unexpected people step forward and time is no longer wasted on misguided priorities. Giving staff permission to engage on climate isues is essential, but giving them the tools to make a difference is where the magic happens!

Why train your team to be Carbon Literate?

Overwhelmingly, businesses report that this is something their customers are asking about and want to see more on.

Carbon literacy training is a catalyst that can bring a transformation and get everyone on to the same page. Its a way of learning that is direct, interactive, practical, it is a way to create mindset change, and to pull people together on this tricky topic. There’s no need to stop there though, we can support you to gain Carbon Literate Organisation status and train your own internal trainers.

When is the next course?

Lighthouse Sustainability are launching our next Open course to coincide with Day 1 of the UN COP27 negotiations in Egypt.

Two sessions from 9am-12.30pm on the 4th and 7th November (you get the weekend to reflect.)

In addition to COP27 The Carbon Literacy Project are celebrating the second annual Carbon Literacy Action Day during the period of our course.

The Action Day will catalyse action on climate change through Carbon Literacy training, getting everyone involved in delivering positive action, to address climate change wherever they are.

Our course covers topics including:

  1. The Why, What and How of carbon and climate change
  2. Greenhouse gases, and their relationship to weather and climate
  3. How climate change is likely to affect us in the UK and globally
  4. Key terminology, including – net zero; carbon neutral; carbon footprinting, and offsetting
  5. What we are already doing – national policy and local action
  6. Scopes 1, 2 and 3
  7. Understanding our impact: Energy; buildings; travel; food and the circular economy
  8. Motivating others to act – employee engagement
  9. Next steps – making a pledge; setting targets; tools; offsetting; resources.

The course is a brilliant way to get a team member trained and then bring the knowledge gained to your work place, this also leads to new opportunities for your team and in turn your business.

The businesses that have already received Carbon Literacy training from us understand the impact they have upon the planet, and now have the knowledge and skills that allow them to reduce their carbon footprint. 

We know we all need to take steps to make changes – we just need to tools to get started!

Join us on that journey of change!