What we do

Lighthouse helps businesses to navigate the many sustainability challenges they face.

Our support enables businesses to move faster and more efficiently. It helps them avoid risk and create valuable partnerships. We close the gap between seeing a case study and doing it yourself. 

I work with trusted partners to offer support on all areas of sustainable business, with a specialism in circular business models.

Whether you want to be 1st to market or are trying to innovate in a traditional industry, I use experience gained through working across sectors and business models to give you a guiding hand, perspective and confidence to move forward. 

Lighthouse shines a light on best practice for others to follow and it guides those just starting out on the journey.


Get in touch to see how we can help you reach your sustainability goals


Our services include:

  • Strategic support for decision makers
    • I believe businesses are equipped to move fast but need trusted, practical support to do so. Lighthouse can help accelerate your journey to a circular economy and Net Zero. I’m an advisor to Boards; management teams, funding panels and committees.
    • Think of us as a critical friend, an impartial adviser or someone to lean on, who you can call to chew things over, move things on, or get your project through a tight spot. 
  • Training and facilitation
    • Sustainability is a fast moving topic with lots of angles – we help bring everyone up to speed with what it means to your business and to them as employees. 
    • We design interactive workshops and programmes to build knowledge and equip teams to make the most of sustainability opportunities. 
  • Start up support 
    • We work with ambitious start-ups to save time on launching new products, getting feedback to power through decisions and make introductions to take things to the next level.
  • Project management
    • With a long career in consultancy, I know how to manage consultants to get the best out outcomes and can help you design and keep your project on track to make it cost efficient and impactful. 



Shine – Share learning and inspire others

Guide – Experienced strategic support for decision makers

Equip – Robust research and skills and strong networks

Foundations – Bespoke training and coaching for all