Who is Lighthouse for?

Lighthouse will help anyone who seeks help. You will be met by friends. Lighthouse is here to upskill and guide you to do business more sustainably. 

Our work is designed for:


Senior leaders and decision makers

The effect of rising awareness of sustainability is increasing to the point that businesses now ask ‘how’ rather than ‘why’. Delay will be costly as others steam ahead and risks increase.

We act as a critical friend, a guide and mentor to help you develop circular and carbon plans. We will steer you through complex challenges, and offer a safe pair of hands to manage sustainability projects.


Your employees are your engine room. We will train them to understand the risks and opportunities and get behind your sustainability plans. As ambassadors they will multiply your efforts and fast-track your impact. Everyone rowing in the same direction is a powerful thing. We create the ‘change makers’ in your organisation. With the fire in their belly, they will do the hard work for you.

Before you dive into training your teams you might want to upskill senior leaders or work on strategy or messaging. I run Circular Explore workshops with Boards and management teams to check in on current strategy and agree the most productive route forward. I’m a friendly, helpful and resourceful trainer, with a positive attitude.  


Start ups

There is a boom in start ups in the sustainability space. Their success will depend on their ability to learn fast, adapt and scale-up fast in a fast-moving environment. I will support a small number of start ups every year to plan, test and scale their businesses.