Why use us?

Lighthouse is not a traditional environmental consultancy.

  • Flexible – we don’t have a house-style, or fixed way of working – we adapt to your style, needs and budget.
  • Transparent – we talk about costs straight up; our rates are transparent and you will know the individuals who are doing the work.
  • Honest – we will tell you when we are not the best people to do the job (but will refer you to someone suitably perfect).
  • Ambitious – we are open and challenging and have high expectations of ourselves and our clients.
  • Impact – we are impact focused and here to make a difference.
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Our work is based on 3 key principles – Openness; Collaboration and Challenge

  • Openness

Lighthouse’s support is not exclusive, or membership based. We work flexibly, with a range of clever ways to help businesses make progress with their goals. You won’t need to jump through hoops to work with us, just bring a positive attitude and a challenging mind.

  • Collaboration

For progress to be fast enough, we need to bring the best people together to solve problems. Lighthouse works to close the gap between businesses, customers and other stakeholders, within and across industries and borders. We will introduce, facilitate and mediate for shared benefits. We will find common ground for innovative partnerships that will give you the strength and speed to push forward.

  • Challenge

The sustainability challenges ahead of us will not be solved by business as usual. Rough seas are not for the feint hearted. We are an experienced crew and we will challenge you to go further and faster.


Lighthouse is based on firm foundations.  I’ve been guiding businesses from start-ups to household names for 25 years and along the way I have gained a crew of knowledgeable, resourceful and insightful people, who I know I can rely on to give the best advice and support.