30th September 2021 – Circular Economy Meets Climate Emergency – be Waste Wise Panel

The Circular Economy Meets Climate Emergency is a be Waste Wise panel exploring the critical role of circular economy in carbon reduction.

Emma was a moderator on the be Waste wise “Circular Economy Meets Climate Emergency” panel, alongside fellow experts in the sustainability field Chris Whyte and Rebecca Griffiths. Follow the link down below to view the recording of the interview:

This article originally appeared on be Waste Wise (www.wastewise.be)

“Emma is one of the UK’s leading specialists in circular economy and sustainability in business. She has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Emma has directed a range of circular economy projects for large and small businesses and the public sector; for Zero Waste Scotland’s CE Business Support Programme and is a technical assessor for WRAP Wales’ Circular Economy Fund for business. She believes that sharing learning is the best way to speed up a transition to a more circular economy and, in Feb 2020, launched her #CE100 series on social media, which aims to showcase 100 mainstream examples of circular business models or services. She is a mentor for the Circular Economy Club global network and has hands-on experience of the challenges, barriers, drivers and ultimately, successful transition to more circular business models.” – be Waste Wise, Circular Economy Meets Climate Emergency moderator abstract.