About Emma

I love working with businesses on sustainability and have a passion for the circular economy.

To meet our sustainability goals, many roads lead back to resource efficiency and circularity. It’s not always that straightforward, so after more than 20 years of working on it, I see my role as translator and guide.

I specialise in circular business models and the opportunities they offer to do business more sustainably. I understand how this slice of sustainability sits within the wider landscape and how you can position yourself to succeed. 

I love training people. I’m on a mission to train an army of people who can give us the best chance of minimising our future impact on the planet. I am told that I’m an approachable and motivating trainer and all of my work is bespoke.

I’m motivated by seeing my clients gain confidence as they first understand, begin to lead, then really shine with a circular mindset at the heart of what they do. I’ve worked with some businesses for several years and am a loyal advocate for anyone business who is working hard to be more sustainable.